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The only practical alternative to broken and worn pillow straps on your upright mobile sleepers.  Standard pillow straps replacements simply replicate the issues that are inherent to their poor design, one static, plane of support with brittle buckles (or Velcro) that can fail and break.  The Bed Butler provides both vertical and horizontal support with no clips or buckles.  This system allows your upright roll-aways to remain neatly made between uses, provides a cradle that keeps the pillow neatly in place (not just folded in half) and presents a positive impression when seen by your guests.  The Bed Butler is safe and easy to use and looks great in your hallways and guest rooms.


The Bed Butler pillow strap alternative

(By the Unit)


The Bed Butler pillow strap alternative (By the Unit)

  • Each Bed Butler comes with a complimentary Pull Handle.  This pull handle helps extend the life of your Bed Butler by giving you an actual handle to use while transporting your mobile sleepers (instead of pulling on the strap itself).  The Bed Butler and The Pull Handle are easy to install and can be done at the same time.

  • FREE Priority Shipping and Handling


    **on purchases of 10 or more units (9 units or less pay current USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope cost ~ $7.60)

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