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A lightweight portable doorstop that will work on all hotel guest room doors and flooring surfaces.  Your doorstop will cause no harm to your hotel doors, floors, or hinges.  The soft wooden knocker allows your staff to be announced prior to entering the room and will not mar your doors surface (or hurt anyone’s knuckles!).  Since your staff is not required to bend to place or retrieve the doorstop, the chances of repetitive bending injuries are reduced.  The Door Butler doorstop™ provides a consistent and more elegant option to the other “creative” ways used to hold open guest room doors.  The Door Butler doorstop™ is compact, easy to carry and use and employees like them, so they actually use them!


The Door Butler doorstop™

(By the Unit)



The Door Butler doorstop™ (By the Unit)

  • FREE Priority Shipping and Handling


    **on purchases of 10 or more units (9 units or less pay current USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope cost ~ $7.60)

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